Bomb Explodes in Chile

Reverberations of America’s long history of intervening in Chile continued today when a bomb exploded in the capital of Chile, Santiago.  8 people were injured, 2 wounded seriously. No one has claimed responsibility yet says the Washington Post but in the past it has been anarchist groups planting bombs.

At least 28 bombs have been found across Santiago so far this year — most planted at banks and police stations late at night. Some have not exploded and none of the other bombs before this one caused any injuries.


the government would invoke an anti-terror law enacted during the 1973-90 dictatorship that allows for lengthy periods of pre-trial detention, longer sentences, interception of communications and masked witnesses.

Protests are common in September and some have turned violent, even deadly, as they commemorate the 1973 coup.  This video shows police and protestors clashing, as well as the word “alleged” in the article to describe missing relatives

Demonstrators carried banners with photos of alleged arrested and missing relatives.

One of the more famous victims of the coup was folk singer Victor Jara, whose murder case still continues 40 years later, as 3 more people were charged with his murder during the coup in 1973

A judge in Santiago charged former military officers Hernan Chancon Soto and Patricio Vasquez Donoso with taking part in the Sept. 15, 1973 killing. He also charged ex-army prosecutor Ramon Melo Silva as an accomplice. They join a list of eight former army officers who were charged in late 2012 and early 2013 in the killing of the communist singer and songwriter.

There was also a civil lawsuit filed in the United States against Army lieutenant Pedro Barrientos Nunez

and it alleges that he actually ordered the torture of Victor Jara and killed him…Barrientos lives in the United States. He’s in Florida. He’s now a U.S. citizen.

The CIA supported the coup, and had been planning the overthrow of President Allende for years, fearing a new Cuba in Latin America.

The CIA was funnelling cash to Chile’s right-wing media outlets and Allende’s political opponents. But when it looked like he would win the 1970 presidential election, the agency stepped up its covert activities.

Chile has a long history of coups and coup attempts going back to the 1700’s and Spanish colonial rule.  8 have been successful.

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