Some Headlines and links

A federal judge on Friday dismissed criminal indictments against 13 more defendants in major drug cases as authorities continued to investigate the growing scandal of an FBI agent accused of tampering with narcotics, firearms and other evidence seized in the cases.

The action by U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton came one day after prosecutors dropped charges against 10 other defendants — some already serving lengthy prison sentences — in related cases.

but added that

Walton dismissed the 13 cases Friday without prejudice, meaning the government could try to refile charges in the future.

Loretta Lynch possible Attorney General nominee

President Obama is expected to appoint Loretta Lynch as the next attorney general, CNN reported Friday morning. She would succeed Eric Holder, who announced in September he would step down once a successor is confirmed.

If confirmed, Lynch would be the first female African-American attorney general. The White House would not immediately confirm the report.

Many don’t see any change from Holder

House Will Likely Wait Until 2015 To Vote On New War Authorization Against ISIS

Federal Judge Says Public Has a Right to Know About FBI’s Facial Recognition Database

Rap Sheets, Watchlists and Spy Networks Now Available With Single Click

Senate Republicans Want to Rewrite Communications Act. So What Happens to Net Neutrality?

Lawmakers Aim to Fire More Federal Employees in 2015

Israel’s nuclear weapons 2014    PDF avaliable here

Shane Bauer on Jon Stewart’s movie Rosewater

Asylum and refugees in Australia

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