Some News Headlines and Tweets

Army to send headquarters group to Kandahar in first sign of revision to Afghan withdrawal plan McClatchy

I’ve been writing about Venezuela recently, but it’s not the only place protests are happening


more than 2.2 million people in jail as of 2013 and more than 6.8 million under some form of “adult correctional systems” such as parole or probation

many people were happy to see SodaStream stock go down after 4th quarter profits fell below predictions, but I looked at the whole year

February 21st was the 50th anniversary of the assassination and martyrdom of Malcolm X, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (الحاجّ مالك الشباز)

A dream of mine….

It turns out ISIS started way before 2003 US invasion, but out of 30 years of war in Iraq

Do we think it that implausible that generations, raised in a society that rewarded brutality, and was brutalized by countries near and far, wouldn’t themselves be so traumatized that some of them would turn to brutality, too?

Another sniper is on trial as alleged hit-man in attempted murder of DEA agents


A former Army sergeant with the nickname Rambo pleaded guilty on Friday to conspiring to murder a federal drug agent and another man, in what the government has said was his post-military role as a contract killer.

The former sergeant, Joseph M. Hunter, 49, who had been a sniper instructor, was arrested in 2013 after he and two other men were ensnared in a sting operation in which they agreed to kill an agent of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration and one of the agency’s confidential informers for $800,000.



no outrage over depiction of Prophet Muhammad here

Iran nuclear talks

Killer cop Ralph Friedman 

“My partner fires one round, and the guy grabs his shoulder. He goes down. I run up and am standing right over him, and he starts to lift his hand up, and I shoot him right in the head. That did it. He dropped the gun. His brains fell out onto the street. And when they get him downtown, would you believe I’d hit him like nine times — in a good grouping right around the belly?”


“I was never traumatized,” he said. “I never felt bad. I felt I saved my life or someone else’s life.”

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