Israel elections and Netanyahu

Why Netanyahu called elections

Netanyahu complained that the current government was imposed on him and therefore it has been unable to carry out its tasks.

He claimed that Lapid has opposed the government’s decisions to build in Jewish neighbourhoods in Jerusalem, recognise Israel as the state for Jewish people, and the fight against terrorism. He accused Livni of violating a security cabinet decision by meeting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as well as opposing the Jewish state law.

Israel elections are not over tonight

Coalition building begins after elections

President Rivlin said to be eyeing unity government

Though voting has ended, the true political game begins now, as Herzog and Netanyahu vie for the support of smaller parties to back them for the position of prime minister while sources close to Rivlin say he will vie for unity government.


My Twitter List on Israel/Palestine

Ynet Guide to Elections

Israeli Government guide to elections

Netanyahu’s victory tweet

While denying a Palestinian state Netanyahu insists upon Arab recognition of Israel as a Jewish state

He said the two ministers defied his own policies, including his stances regarding the “Iranian nuclear file,” in addition to opposing him on main issues, such as his insistent of a Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish State, his settlement construction agenda, and the construction of settlements in occupied Jerusalem.

Palestinians: Netanyahu’s win forces us to intensify diplomatic offensive

“It is clear that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will form the next government, so we say clearly that we will go to the International Criminal Court in the Hague and we will speed up, pursue and intensify” all diplomatic efforts, chief negotiator Saeb Erakat told AFP.

And on Face the Nation I noticed this (emphasis mine)

Did Netanyahu admit to STUXNET?

SCHIEFFER: Let me read you a tweet that the White House called — sent out last week calling attention to an article by Fareed Zakaria on why he said your predictions have been wrong for 25 years. Were you offended by that?

NETANYAHU: Well, the reason I have been warning for 25 years is because Iran has been trying to get to the bomb. And if we hadn’t acted, I and President Obama and Congress and others, if we hadn’t acted in these intervening years, Iran would have had the nuclear weapon a long time ago.

And if we don’t, if we let our guard down, if we had let our guard down, then Iran would have had the weapon. If we let our guard down now, it will have the weapon.

Microsoft fixes STUXNET…..5 years later

Stuxnet malware, a sophisticated cyber-espionage malware allegedly developed by the US Intelligence and Israeli government together, was specially designed to sabotage the Iranian nuclear facilities a few years ago. First uncovered in 2010, Stuxnet targeted computers by exploiting vulnerabilities in Windows systems.

Thankfully, Microsoft has issued a patch to protect its Windows machines that have been left vulnerable to Stuxnet and other similar attacks for the past five years.

Leak investigation stalled  (see also Petraeus

A criminal leak investigation into a top military official has stalled out of concern it could force US officials to confirm joint US-Israeli involvement behind the Stuxnet worm that targeted Iran’s nuclear program, according to a media report published Wednesday.

Federal prosecutors have been investigating whether retired Marine Gen. James E. “Hoss” Cartwright leaked highly sensitive information to New York Times reporter David Sanger.

Palestinian Authority ends security cooperation with Israel

Gaza blockade undermining living conditions

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