Fewer Israelis killed in 22 years of terrorism than Palestinians killed in 51 days

Terrorism is usually described as violence with a political goal, and it is meant to be a cheap form of fighting, for example set off one bomb and make society spend lots more preventing next attack. Before 9/11, I would say that two societies, Israel and Ireland, were the best known examples. It is generally acknowledged that terrorism is not really about killing people, but more about striking fear into the rest of the population.

I just found this on the website of the Jewish Virtual Library, a list of every victim of terrorism in Israel since 1993 when the Oslo peace agreement was signed.

Here are the total number of victims for the last 22 years.

From the Oslo Accords (Sept. 1993) until September 2000 – nearly 300 Israelis were killed in attacks.

During the Palestinian Al-Aqsa Intifada (Sept. 2000 – Dec. 2005) another 1,100 Israelis were killed.

Since December 2005, Palestinian terrorist attacks have claimed at least another 154 Israeli lives.

300 + 1,100 + 154 = 1,554 Israelis killed by terrorism in 22 years.  

2,310 Palestinians killed by Israel in Gaza in 51 days of 2014 war

Compare that to the number of people, mainly civilians and more than 500 children killed in last years 51 day war in Gaza.

Governments focus on terrorism, but rarely acknowledge how few people it actually kills.

Since 9/11, an average of nine American Muslims per year have been involved in an average of six terrorism-related plots against targets in the United States. Most were disrupted, but the 20 plots that were carried out accounted for 50 fatalities over the past 13 and a half years.

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