Unfortunate choice of words for Jon Stewart day before final show

I love Jon Stewart as host of the Daily Show.  His criticism of politicians and the media is great, and he will mention issues and policies in 10 minutes that you cannot hear in the 24 hour Mainstream media, as Democracy Now! summed up as Jon left the show

Jon Stewart, known as “the most trusted name in fake news,” bid farewell to “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central Thursday night after 16 years. The satirical news show transformed the media landscape, revealing and reveling in the hypocrisies of politicians and their media bedfellows. Thursday night, Stewart said goodbye to his viewers, warning the audience not to believe misinformation.

There is some criticism of his show as Luke Rudkowski examined a few of them here

He also praised NAFTA recently as good for Mexico when interviewing Bill Clinton.

Look up the Zapatistas.  Nettie Wild, a filmmaker from Canada noted that “in Canada we debated NAFTA, but in Mexico they went to war over it.”

Zapatista National Army of Liberation

The group takes its name from Emiliano Zapata, the agrarian reformer[2] and commander of the Liberation Army of the Southduring the Mexican Revolution, and sees itself as his ideological heir.

Democracy Now! 20 year anniversary of Zapatista uprising

On the same day the North American Free Trade Agreement went into effect on Jan. 1, 1994, the Zapatista National Liberation Army and people of Chiapas declared war on the Mexican government, saying that NAFTAmeant death to indigenous peoples. They took over five major towns in Chiapas with fully armed women and men. The uprising was a shock, even for those who for years worked in the very communities where the rebel army had been secretly organizing.

NAFTA at 20 with Lori Wallach on Democracy Now!

The North American Free Trade Agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada went into effect 20 years ago this week on January 1, 1994. The massive trade pact was signed into law by President Bill Clinton amidst great promise that it would raise wages, create jobs and even improve health and environmental safety standards. Hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs have vanished as companies sought lower-wage workers in Mexico. Meanwhile, NAFTA has generated more poverty in Mexico, forcing millions of citizens to migrate to the United States in search of work.

VICE News video 20 years of Zapatista

Film on Zapatistas

The conversation starts talking about Mexico almost from the start as they discuss Donald Trump running for President and his remarks on immigrants as criminals

Clinton’s quotes and statistics that he is famous for start at 2:24

“between 2010 and 2014 there was no net in migration from Mexico”

“all we read about is the violence of the drug war”

“the previous President built 140 tuition-free universities”

“2 years ago the Mexicans produced 113,000 engineers we produced 120,000”

“they’ve had very brisk growth and except in the narco centers the crime rate the murder rate has gone down”

Jon says

“so here we’re going to talk about trade.  So NAFTA has been very beneficial I think for Mexico I think you would agree it brought a lot of jobs to Mexico it changed the political climate down there it brought them.  NAFTA is being used as an example of why we shouldn’t do the TPP.  So tell me why are these trade agreements these free trade agreements good for American workers?

Clinton well let’s first of all explain what happened with Mexico.

Stewart OK. how far back are we going?

[audience laughs]

Clinton just to NAFTA.

so what happened after NAFTA was they had almost a total collapse of their currency

Stewart right peso collapse

Clinton so I gave them a loan back in 1995 which they paid back 3 years early and taxpayers earned $570 million in interest.  $560 million.

Stewart it was 562.  go ahead.

[audience laughs]

Clinton they earned the money.  but as a result of that their economy was weak.  plus they were one of our biggest oil suppliers before we were self sufficient in oil.  so we did have a trade deficit there.  and the analysis of all of our trade agreements with countries with lower per capita income then we have shows that on balance the countries we have trade agreements with we tend to have balanced trade much more then let’s say with China with whom we have no trade agreement with and we have a humongous deficit.

Stewart but that was well some would say that the larger problem was not NAFTA but China joining the WTO.

Clinton well the larger problem whether they joined or not we had a huge trade deficit with them before they joined WTO and at least when they got into WTO they has to agree to rules and if we vigorously enforced trade deals we had a forum to enforce it.

There is more that I cannot type right now

anyone want to help me with transcripts? LOL

Stewart goes to commercial break and says when the show returns they will discuss “what that sensible economic policy looks like.”

How about Marxism as a sensible economic policy? Turns out Jon Stewart is no Jon Stewart.  (I was confused at first seeing his name here)

I’m in favor of Marxism, or more specifically, Democracy at work.  shared profits among all workers.  Not an end to private property and 5 year plans, just real fairness in who gets what from the economy.

I wrote a little about that here discussing the fight for $15 an hour minimum wage.

So while Jon Stewart and the Daily Show can be a news source for college kids and a source of satire and an excellent resource on hypocrisy, there are issues with Jon and his political stance and mainstream liberal ideas.

Counterpunch points out some problems Jon has with the Left in a piece on his “Rally to Restore Sanity” which talks about Stewart’s criticism of the Left and his “non-ideological” positions.

There is also his friendship not only with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama but also Bill O’Reilley.

And now that there is some background, the main point of this post, a simple bad choice of words, unless it turns out Jon knew what he was saying all along, the day before his final show and the day before the 70th anniversary of the US bombing of Hiroshima, a war crime bombing a civilian population in order to scare off Russia.

Jon poked fun at the media calling his monologues “eviscerations” of his targets.  He called the segment “The Daily Show: Destroyer of Worlds”

Embedded image permalink

Which was J. Robert Oppenheimer’s comment on nuclear weapons.

We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were silent. I remembered the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita. Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and to impress him takes on his multi-armed form and says, “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” I suppose we all thought that one way or another.

You can watch the full documentary from 1965 here

Just one more thing I won’t miss about Jon Stewart


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