Nathan Ener Finally Makes the Mainstream News!

Nathan Ener, the former prison guard who threatened Black Lives Matter activists who came to Texas is finally making national news!!

Next we need to hear that he was arrested for his death threats.

Another example of social media forcing mainstream media to cover an important story.


Shotgun-toting Texan calls for violence against activists to avenge cop’s death in racist rant: ‘A thug’s life don’t matter’

Police News

The Houston Police Officers Union has asked the FBI to investigate viral videos posted online that call for violence against officers, KCPR reported.

One video posted on YouTube by a man named King Noble states, “It’s open killing season on cops.”

Another video posted by Louis Farrakhan, a Nation of Islam leader, tells audience members to “rise up and kill those who kill us.”

On the other side of the spectrum, another YouTube video by Nathan Ener blames the death of Deputy Darren Goforth on African-American protestors and threatens to hunt them down, saying “a thug’s life don’t matter,” while brandishing a shotgun.

Yolanda Smith, a member of the Houston chapter of the NAACP, said she would like to see federal agents investigate Ener’s statements as well. She said the NAACP does not condone violence against anyone.

Powder keg! Texas community leader: Attack anti-cop activists

East Texas community leader, former jailer issues call to attack anti-police activists

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