(work in progress–will get much much larger, and yes I will organize my list as well)

Online News Sources (From FAIR

Here are some of the websites that FAIR visits most often to keep up with the news. Please note that we don’t necessarily endorse the way these sites covers the issues; some of them are worth visiting for their critical perspectives, others simply because the media outlets are particularly influential. Happy browsing!


Alternative News

  • AlterNet. Syndicated writings from the alternative press.
  • The American Prospect. Liberal political magazine; has a good blog.
  • Common Dreams. Breaking news and links to highlights from the day’s progressive press.
  • CounterPunch. A bi-weekly muckraking newsletter edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair.
  • Democracy Now!. The web version of the daily radio show.
  • Free Speech TV. Towards more democratic television; site features downloadable independent video.
  • Eschaton. Popular blog is perhaps the best round-up of the progressive blogosphere, with much media criticism.
  • In These Times. A nonprofit political magazine featuring news and analysis that challenge the corporate media.
  • Independent media organizations and journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage.
  • Left Business Observer. Monthly newsletter on economics and politics edited by Doug Henwood.
  • The Nation. America’s oldest weekly news magazine, featuring political news and commentary.
  • OneWorld Online. Global news with a focus on the developing world.
  • The Progressive. Political magazine with commentary and news advocating for peace and social justice.
  • Raw Story. Alternative news site that highlights stories that get underplayed by the corporate media. It also features some original reporting.
  • Sam Smith’s Progressive Review. “Washington’s Most Unofficial Source.”
  • Truthout. Independent progressive website with original reporting, analysis as well as articles from around the web.
  • World Socialist Web Site. News from a Marxist perspective; frequent media criticism.
  • ZNet. Z Magazine‘s site for progressive news and organizing.

Mainstream News

Media Criticism and Resources

Please tell us about bad links– and great sites not on our lists.


My list of some of my sources

Headlines/Wire Services

AP Top Stories

AP Big Story

News from The Associated Press (map of US, click on state and then news source)


All Headline News (old news headlines)

Agence France-Press

ITV News

BBC Monitoring (monitors the media)


The New York Times (Mobile version)
Today’s Paper – The New York Times
Watching – (an excellent resource of breaking news and top stories)
Washington Post Today’s paper
Wall St Journal Today’s paper
Boston Globe this link should take you to Today’s Paper
The Guardian US version
The Guardian UK version
Le Monde diplomatique
Janes Defence Weekly
Other News Websites
Revolution News
The Intercept
C-SPAN latest programs
Project on Government Oversight
African News – Breaking News
euronews news
Deutsche Welle
Global Issues
The Conflict Monitoring Center
Countries | ReliefWeb
FATA Research Centre
Doha Free Press
Human Security Report Project
Global Legal Monitor
London Progressive Journal
The Free Thought Project
Daily Sabah | Turkish Daily News
DCist: News, Food, Arts & Events
Center for Public Integrity
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism
The UpTake | Citizen Fueled News
Jacobin magazine
The Sparrow Project
Nation Institute
Dissident Voice
UK Constitution Law
Orchestrated Pulse  Periodical Blog
The Detectologist
Courage to Resist
Compass Cultura
Political Fail Blog **note as of December 25 2014 there seems to be a problem with web host.  Page listed as suspended
International Trade Centre
European Public Affairs
Boston Magazine
Climate Science Watch
Public Intelligence
Free Speech TV Scroll down for various news links US government website US government website
Donia Al-Watan
Watanserb (last update November 2013)
Daily News Egypt
GRIID (last updated May 2013)


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