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Here I laugh at Hillary Clinton’s new position on banks and the financial crisis

As Hillary Clinton has shown during her 2016 Presidential campaign, as well as her 2008 campaign and every move in her political life, everything is calculated to follow public opinion.  If she was a real leader she wouldn’t have to … Continue reading

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Update on shooting of Dontre Hamilton by Officer Christopher Manney

On April 30, 2014, 78 days before Eric Garner was killed and 101 days before Darren Wilson shot and killed Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri, Milwaukee police officer Christopher Manney shot and killed Dontre Hamilton. Watch Dontre’s brother react  http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f9?isVid=1&isUI=1 After … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter more than being polite even to our so called allies

It’s now been one year since the killing of Michael Brown brought #BlackLivesMatter into the national spotlight almost a year after it was created following the Trayvon Martin killing and trial and acquittal of George Zimmerman.  (who enjoys gloating about … Continue reading

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Justice for Nate Wilks

Police shoot and kill someone every single day.  So far in 2015 there have only been nine days where that was not the case. Every day we have to learn about a new name, and details of what happened.  One … Continue reading

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A Character Letter on Jason Flannery, cop who killed VonDerrit Myers

I am posting this here because I don’t like Scribd.  The original is here.  I tried to do the formatting the same as well as I could.  Any errors are mine. A Character Letter on Jason Flannery

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2015 is our Superbowl says TASER

One of the popular solutions to police brutality seems simple.  Film the police. (Another is non-lethal weapons like Tasers, but that is not entirely true either) Pass laws that put a body camera on every officer when they are on … Continue reading

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Documents on Police Shootings and Brutality

Documents on Police Shootings and Brutality DOJ Report on Michael Brown Shooting DOJ Report Pattern and Practices Chart President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing Interim Report March 2015 Sentencing Project Report Black Lives Matter: eliminating racial inequity in the criminal justice … Continue reading

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